Sunday, September 27, 2009


Megan Fox- Just a PRETTY Face on Saturday Night Live
By Brianna Savoca

Megan Fox hosted the season premiere of Saturday Night Live last night. The SNL writers clearly exploited her appearance and sexuality in every single of her skits, reinforcing the power and value our culture places on beauty.

First, Megan introduced the show in tight, see-through black dress. The 23-year-old actress joked about nude pictures on the internet she "could not remember taking."

Once the SNL skits began, Megan played the role of a sex hotline commercial representative, a ditzy flight attendant, a sex therapist's living prop, a russian mail-order bride, and a tight leather enveloped biker chick. One of the skits even joked about how she was "just pretty."

The SNL writers never gave Megan a role with any substance. In other words, Megan was only a body, or a pretty face in every single skit. The SNL writers never even considered the woman has a brain as well.

After reading multiple Megan Fox interviews and watching Fox on numerous talk show interviews, she carries herself as an intellectual with confidence. Oftentimes when asked about her appearance, Fox diverts the conversation and quickly changes topics.

While Fox's reputation for being a sultry, sexy, beautiful actress and even said to be the next Angelina Jolie based upon looks alone, the media needs to give her credit for being a person with a brain and not just a pretty face.

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