Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Pretty Sports

Photogenic Athletes Pushed into Publicity and Past Truly Talented Athletes

By Brianna Savoca

Almost midway into the NFL season where Sundays are spent sprawled on the coach watching my beloved Browns.

I can’t help but notice the vast amount of number 10 jerseys still flooding the crowd.

Brady Quinn, official Browns poster boy and heartthrob for Browns ladies (and perhaps even some male fans), gets more face time on the sideline than any other player in the NFL for basically standing there and looking pretty.

After multiple attempts at starting quarterback, Quinn failed to prove himself or even score a single touchdown on offense. It was not until game four when Derek Anderson started against the Bengals for the Browns to finally reach the end zone.

Yet more Quinn jerseys sit on the sidelines than Anderson or, in my opinion, the truly talented and most capable Browns player Joshua Cribbs.

Is it because of looks? Does the general public buy more posters of dreadlocked Cribbs or Brady Quinn? Quinn, who has been compared to a GQ model outsells every Browns player poster-wise by a landslide. Add up the number of Cribbs jerseys sold and compare that to the number of Quinn jerseys. Quinn certainly wins.Cribbs even played quarterback versus the Steelers, gaining yards on offense for the Browns on top of the yards he runs himself as wide receiver and on punt return. Cribbs played in multiple Pro Bowls, fairly consistently returns punts at least 20 to 30 yards if not all the way to the end zone.

Cribbs proves time and again his talent on the gridiron. Quinn just proves he can sell jerseys and get women to watch the Browns.

Brady Quinn, a lackluster quarterback who has not shown much talent since high school, outsells and outshines the talented, reliable, yard-earning Josh Cribbs. Once again, superficialness seems to win over substance and talent.

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