Thursday, October 8, 2009

Think You've Got All the MANswers?

Spike TV Show Perpetuates Sexism & the Objectification of Women
By Brianna Savoca

Presented in a scientific format, with supposedly credible research backing up the findings, the Spike Network TV show "MANswers" reveals the truth to life's, and therefore men's, most important questions.

Slightly intrigued and curious about what subject matter men care most about, I watched the show.

To my dismay, but not surprisingly, I saw women in lingerie and padded bras with oversized breasts pushed up to their chins, rolling around in a bed together. Visual imagery known to intrigue men and get their eyes glued to the set. Spike probably could not have put these women into more objectified positions if they tried, but the sexism gets even better.

Then the announcer asked, "Are women with fake boobs hornier than women with real boobs?"

After performing background research, "MANswers" figured out this answer. Click HERE for the video. And every man wants to know the answer to this one, according to the show.


The MANswer is: Women with fake boobs are hornier.

Why? According to "MANswers" research, surveys revealed women with fake boobs have sex more often post-surgery than women without fake boobs.

"MANswers" closed this highly informative piece with this conclusion: Get your woman a boob job. Then you can have more sex and enjoy her bigger, fake boobs.

Nice message. Looks like you've got all the answers, "MANswers."

At least Spike TV is the perfect example of sexism, misogyny, and patriarchy in America.


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