Monday, November 2, 2009

Jon Gosselin: A Sexist, Immature Man, and Lackluster Father

By Brianna Savoca

After watching the Today Show's preview of the TLC "Kate: Her Story" special, I am blown away by Jon Gosselin's open sexism and stereotypical ideals.

The Today Show showed clips of a press conference held by Jon and celebrity Rabbi Shmuley Boteach. Rabbi Boteach, just as sexist as Jon, blames Jon's behavior on being cooped up inside of the home with Kate and the kids.

It's not the man's place to be in the house changing diapers for two years, where the wife is expected to be, says Jon.

Jon must be such a big, strong man he cannot even handle changing diapers? Sorry Jon, you did not get to get out of the house and work an nine-to-five job. You got PAID to stay home and spend precious moments with your children on camera. Man or woman, most parents would love a gig like that.

Jon prefers partying out on the town in Ed Hardy t-shirts like he's a college student these days.

Put simply, Kate cared, Jon didn't. Kate picks up the pieces, emotionally breaking down in interviews. Yet many critics blame Kate as the bossy "bitch" who ruined the marriage. Kate had to boss Jon around because the man doesn't have a backbone.

Grow up Jon. Be a man. Quit blaming women for your immaturity and lack of respect for a hard-working, dedicated woman and mother. Just because the woman is the head of the family doesn't mean the family needs to end.

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