Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Pretty vs. "Perfect"

By Brianna Savoca

Heidi Montag, 23, spent the past seven weeks in hiding, recovering from 10 plastic surgery procedures, according to People Magazine.

"The Hills" reality TV star reportedly got neck, waist, and hip liposuction, Botox, a mini-brow lift, a butt lift, a chin reduction, fat injections in her cheeks, a nose job fix, and upgraded her already fake boobs to a size DDD.

This begs the question: Hollywood, Spencer, media, and culture- what have you done to this poor Colorado girl?

Heidi came to Hollywood for "The Hills" after being raised in Crested Butte, Colorado. At the beginning of the series, the petite natural-looking blonde was naive and sweet, and played the role of Lauren Conrad's endearing best friend and roommate.

Now, Heidi has been turned into a plastic, living Barbie doll. Reportedly, Heidi is obsessed with plastic surgery and wants to be "perfect."

Heidi, you were perfect just the way you were when you first walked on to "The Hills."

As a young woman who regularly posts Bible verses on Twitter, take a lesson from Him.

Genesis 1:27 God created us in his own image.

You are beautiful Heidi and God made you beautiful on the day you were born, without the plastic surgery.


  1. I absolutely agree that people are better the way they started off. I guess some people hide behind their surgery rather than learning to like themselves. Sad! :/

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